A life affirming musical comedy about family, faith and survival.

Daniel Tobias grew up in a Jewish-atheist household. 
In 2004, he found out he had stage-four testicular cancer and went searching for God. Any God. Enter Lance Armstrong, seven-times winner of the Tour de France and legendary cancer survivor.

Reflecting on Daniel’s real life experiences, The Orchid and the Crow is a solo performance: part storytelling, part cabaret, part theatre, featuring original songs from the award-winning writers of Die Roten Punkte. Segueing between rock, pop, and contemporary opera, Daniel effortlessly draws us into the inspiring tale of his almost-death experience.

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"Daniel Tobias' Orchid and Crow turns divine vengeance into comedy gold" - The Age


"Hear the words “confessional theatre”, or even worse “art therapy”, and you’d be forgiven for running a mile. Self-indulgent wallowing doesn’t bode well on the level of pure entertainment, after all. Thankfully, all trepidation dissipates minutes into Daniel Tobias’s one-man show The Orchid and the Crow. Sure, it’s confessional and works on a therapeutic level too, but damn if it isn’t a riot of entertainment." Time Out Melbourne

"Wise, generous, and blackly funny"

“Daniel Tobias has condensed his entire life into a smart and scintillating 75 minute variety show – the Orchid and the Crow is wise, generous, and blackly funny and it’s constantly in the rim of appalling taste. If we gave stars – this would have a fistful” - The Australian


“Tobias is an intelligent, dynamic and honest performer who is highly entertaining to watch. This show will renew your faith in love, life, and possibly even Lance Armstrong.” - CBC Canada


“Before we start lauding the snappy comic delivery, endearing performance and fantastic music, we need to say this is an absolute must-see comedy simply by virtue of tackling religion and cancer without relying on cheap jokes or tastelessness. a fantastic, dramatic, hilarious show. See it.” - The Music (Aus)


“Thoughtful high quality work” - The Scotsman


“Captures the art of good story telling.” - Candid Magazine, UK


"The Orchid and The Crow is a wonderful show ... a truly wonderful and fulfilling evening of theatre" - Melbourne. Arts. Fashion

Loved it to bits. It's gutsy, hilarious and honest.

“When I watched a too-young friend die from cancer, I couldn’t watch or hear cancer stories for some time, but I think I would have loved this one. I certainly loved it last night. Loved it to bits. It’s gutsy, hilarious and honest.” - Aussie Theatre

The variety of effects is delightful

“The variety of theatrical effects in a one-man performance is a delight. It’s kind of Python meets Fiddler on the Roof, and clever. Good theatre works on varying levels and The Orchid and the Crow doesn’t disappoint in its emotional range, plus it’s also simply interesting.” - Australian stage

Past Tours

For all Orchid & Crow enquires contact;

Salvador Dinosaur


Phee Broadway Theatre, Castlemaine, Australia
Holden Street Theatre, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Australia
Theatreworks, Melbourne, Australia
Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, WA, Australia
The Stables, Perth Fringeworld, WA, Australia


The Tower, Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne, Australia
Palace Theatre, London, Canada
Petit Campus, Montreal, Canada
Arts Court Theatre, Ottawa, Canada
Al Green Theatre, Toronto, Canada
John Hirsch Mainstage, Winnipeg, Canada
Assembly’s The Roxy, Edinburgh Fringe, UK


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