Die Roten Punkte – Otto & Astrid’s Joint Solo Project

Berlin’s prince and princess of art rock and Europop, Otto & Astrid, spent years arguing about which songs should appear on their much-anticipated fifth Die Roten Punkte album. Unable to come to a consensus, the dysfunctional brother/sister duo decided to tour separately with their own musicians. Unfortunately, nobody else wanted to play with them so they are stuck being each other’s backing band in a… Joint Solo Project.

This multi-award-winning teutonic twosome have played everywhere from Soho Theatre London, Joe’s Pub – New York, The Roxy – Los Angeles and opened for Amanda Palmer in Europe, USA and Australia.

A lipstick smeared sonic collision between The B-52s, Pixies, Kraftwerk and early Ramones, this is one of the most irreverently side-splitting gigs you are ever likely to see. With ridiculously infectious songs and sublime physical comedy, Otto & Astrid are truly one of a kind.


Otto & Astrid Play The Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Concert You’ve Ever Seen!

Berlin’s Prince and Princess of Art Rock and Europop grace our stages with their royally hilarious showcase of hits (and misses!). Utterly dysfunctional siblings Otto & Astrid from the cult band Die Roten Punkte are a lipstick smeared sonic collision between The B-52s, The Pixies, Kraftwerk and early Ramones.

This multi award-winning teutonic twosome have played everywhere from Soho Theatre London, Joe’s Pub – New York, The Roxy – Los Angeles and opened for Amanda Palmer in Europe, USA and Australia.


Haus Party! At Edinburgh Fringe Fest! Every Saturday in August!

Comedy Club For Kids! – Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Comedy Club for Kids brings cheeky holiday fun and LOLS to kids aged six to 12. Each show features a variety showcase of everything from stand-up and sketch to musical comedy and circus. There’s something for everyone!



Salvador Dinosaur consists of Clare Bartholomew and Daniel Tobias. They began working together ten years ago with a desire to create, produce and tour theatre that is transforming, life affirming and entreating. 

Bringing their favourite elements of storytelling and entertainment into a unique performance style, Salvador Dinosaur (SD) creates shows that are incredibly entertaining and that resonate for audiences from any generation or sub-culture, with irreverent humour and social commentary.

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I’m not even going to mince words, The Anniversary is a physical comedy masterclass. The performances, direction, physical comedy, sets, props, puppetry – basically everything – combine to create a rollercoaster of a ride that had me crying with laughter throughout. If you are a fan of absurdist comedy, clown or dark humour, do not miss this one if it comes to a theatre near you.

Nothing Ever Happens In Brisbane

“Left me doubled-up with laughter and barely in control of my bladder.”


“Hilarious, outrageous. Set to be bigger than Jesus.”

The List, UK

“With finesse and the most chemistry you’ll ever see on stage…, they will have you and your spandex pants rolling down the aisles in a bundle of laughs. Both members are sublime performers that make every nuance, note and dance move count…they are an absolute must see”

InPress, Melbourne

“The performances are exuberant and flawless…fist pumping fun of the highest order.”

Eye Weekly, Toronto


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